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ZDoggMD | Devin Moore

More Than Warts (An HPV Vaccine Anthem)

Preventing cancer with a vaccine? How “Extreme”…

Taylor Swift | ZDoggMD | Parody

Blank Script (A Taylor Swift Parody)

Taylor Swift, cross-dressing, and prescription drug abuse. Yeah, that’s pretty much what we call “Saturday” around here.

ZDoggMD | Macy Gray Parody

I Try (To Be A Nurse) — A Macy Gray Parody

ZDoggRN? A tribute to nurses everywhere.

Ebola | ZDoggMD.com

Ebola (A Lola Parody)

A video bound to go “viral.”

Friends with Low Platelets | ZDoggMD

Friends With Low Platelets (A Garth Brooks Parody)

Country music and thrombocytopenia. The Thunder Rolls…

Baby Phat | ZDoggMD

Baby Phat!

While childhood obesity may suck, this Lady Gaga parody…also may suck.

Viva La Vader | ZDoggMD.com

Viva La Vader

Use the Farce, Luke.

Let It Flow | Let It Go Parody | ZDoggMD

Let It Flow!

A bathroom of isolation…

Dr. House Of Cards | ZDoggMD

Dr. House of Cards | A Medical Mashup

House of Cards, meet House of God.

zdoggmd | turntable health

Commercial Break

And now, a word from our Founder.

Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball Parody

Infect Me (Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball Parody)

It’s about to get real for Hannah Montana, son. A zombie thriller!

Obamacare parody Video

What Does The Doc Say? (An Obamacare Ylvis Parody)

In the Obamacare debate, there’s one voice that no one knows…

Usher Parody CPR Clear

CLEAR! (An Usher CPR Parody)

Hands-Only CPR when your homie arrests! An Usher “Yeah” parody and lifesaving PSA.

internet porn | Just can't get it up | ZDoggMD

Just Can’t Get It Up (Internet Porn Parody)

Josh.0 and ZDoggMD address a sticky subject…through song!

Zubin Damania TEDMED


Zed at TEDMED. Poking a finger in the hornet’s nest of medical culture.

Gangnam Screenshot Draft 1

Gangnam Like The Wind!

In the pursuit of maximum YouTube views, ZDoggMD and Josh.0 compromise their dignity…and a perfectly good pair of scrubs. Time to jump the shark, Gangnam Style!

Popular Hospitalists!

Hospitalists! (‘Popular’ Parody From Wicked)

One day we hospitalists will be pop-u-lar too! A Wicked new parody musical!

Hospital Shake | Harlem Shake | ZDoggMD

Hospital Shake (A Harlem Shake Pandemic Parody)

There is a memetic plague sweeping the nation, a contagion known as the Harlem Shake. We document a horrifying local outbreak…

Flu shot | Parody | ZDoggMD | Zappos

One Injection (Flu Shot Anthem)

Yo, the Flu Crew kicks it Boy Band style in a joint ZDoggMD-Zappos blowout epic! Get your flu shot on!

Clostridium Difficile | C. diff | rap | ZDoggMD

Dawn of the Diff (C. Diff Rap Zombie Anthem)

Dr. Harry makes his triumphant return as Patient Zero—Mos Diff—in an epic rap video about the C. diff zombie apocalypse.

Wait...I thought we were doing Jesus Christ Superstar!

The Confrontation!

In the epic struggle between good and only OK, no one is more misérables than we are. A medical musical for the rest of us!

ZDoggMD In Effect

ZDoggMD Live at Essentials 2011 (Part 2)

The second half of ZDoggMD’s stand-up schtick for Mel Herbert’s 2011 Essentials of Emergency Medicine in San Francisco. Warning: May Contain Empathic Robots!

Pupp Daddy

Big Pharma (Notorious BIG Parody)

Yo, my baby needs some new bling so it’s time to sell out…to Big Pharma!

rectal snowman | zdoggmd.com

Feed The Wards (Do They Know It’s Christmas?)

This holiday season, let’s remember those who are truly less fortunate than ourselves. A musical telethon for the rest of us!

Dr. Harry | ZDoggMD

Pediatrics Vs. Hospitalist: Who’s Harder?

Tired of playing Jazzy Jeff to my Fresh Prince, Dr. Harry is forced to throw down the gangsta gauntlet. Who’s harder? You decide!

The mysterious Z-Wife, revealed at last!

Meet Mrs. Dogg

Love and marriage, love and marriage…go together like MRSA and nasal carriage. My lovely wife…revealed at last!

Dr. Harry | Doctors Today | ZDoggMD

Doctors Today!

An epic musical anthem for those working on the front lines of healthcare everywhere!


The Wrath of Dr. Khan | A Star Trek Parody

We boldly probe where no finger has probed before with our Grand Rounds Eighth Anniversary Edition. KHAN!!!!!!

Napoleon, MD

Napoleon Dynamite, MD

Everyone knows primary care docs are bred for their skills in magic. A flippin’ parody, GOSH.

Doctor Bobo, Simian Medical Assistant

Meet Dr. Bobo™

An elegant simian solution for our primary care crunch!

Code Gold CD

Code Gold!

Disco is dead, as are your patients if you don’t buy this rib-cracking collection of CPR’s greatest hits!

ZDoggMD Disses Oz!

Sucker MDs!

A serious rap feud between ZDoggMD and the biggest quack since Daffy Duck. West SIIIIDE!

ZDoggMD Medical Humor

Call Day! (Rebecca Black Friday Parody)

Our attempt to capitalize on minute 14:59 of Rebecca Black’s 15 minutes of fame! Dedicated to all the homies takin’ call tonight…

Immunize Chuck Norris!


Get your shots on! A musical anthem guaranteed to start a beef with the forces of vaccine denial. Hey Wakefield, watch your back…the ImmuNinja’s coming!

Hard Doc's Life | ZDoggMD

Hard Doc’s Life (Hospitalist Anthem)

Yo, ZDoggMD dropping some mad verse ’bout the struggles of being a hospitalist. Strictly for my homies!

Handguns Magazine

Diarrhea, The Musical

Dysentery. Music. Doc Quixote. BOOM.

Smokin' Santa

Ho Ho Hospitalized

Twas the night before Christmas,
With an ambulance en route,
All the doctors were buzzing
About Santa and his gout.

A very merry X-mas from the ZDoggMD crew!

Expectorate Sputonum | Harry Potter RT | ZDoggMD

A Muggle’s Guide to Med School

Muggles (non-medical folk) have been hassling us for some time now to talk more about what med school is like. Turns out this whole Harry Potter nonsense is the perfect analogy.

Manhood in the Mirror | Michael Jackson and ZDoggMD

Manhood in the Mirror

Who better to teach young men how to do the testicular self-exam than Michael Jackson?


Auto-Tune Bad News

Everything sounds better Auto-Tuned, especially bad medical news! Paging Dr. T-Pain…

Pull and Pray 600 300

Pull and Pray – The Safe Sex Song

A rap anthem to warn of the dangers of coitus interruptus.

Yoda and Pirates 600 300

Dr. Yoda versus Pirate MD

I cobbled this video together in an afternoon after reading a couple of interesting articles on NYTimes.com (Touch Matters and Foreign Born Docs Give Equal Care). These pieces provided me an easy excuse to make fun of Star Wars, my dad, and pirates — three great tastes that go great together.

NSAID Rap 600 300

Check Tha’ Tissue

An original rap joint about the perils of over-the-counter pain medications and the ulcers they can cause. Word to the ICU!


Witch Doctor?

“Witch” doctor are you cut out to be? Dr. Harry joins me to explore the traits particular to family practice, ER, pediatrics, internal medicine, and surgery.

Mental Illness on Sesame Street

Sesame Street 5150 | A Psychiatric Odyssey

Sesame Street: a great psychiatric case series. And don’t even get us started on Oscar…

Medical School

UCSF Graduation Speech

Ah, the little adventure that started me down the path leading to the dark side (medical comedy). My classmates at UCSF voted for graduation speakers, and knowing full well that I had very little frontal lobe left to prevent me from going off like a dirty bomb in the middle of downtown SF, they chose me.